About Us

About Us

signal hub is a forex signal service provider and a copy trading platform that provides, forex signals, technical and fundamental analysis, streaming quotes and charts, technical data, news, and financial tools about the global financial markets. This edition covers a variety of local and global financial vehicles including Stocks, Bonds, Commodities, Currencies, Interest Rates, livestock, Futures, and Options. This brand was established in the year 2021 and was registered as consultant  fame with CAC under the following registration number  RC NO 3678292 

 the signal hub has a remarkable growth since its establishment and is now a leading forex signal service platform committed to constantly launching innovative features and ensuring optimal performance, to better serve its users,

 Our forex signal is up to 92% accurate and it's available on the following platform  "Telegram forex signals" "Email forex signals" "SMS forex signals" Account/dashboard forex signals


Signalhub is by far the best forex signal service provider, traders specialize in solving the market, while you take the profit, over the past years we have been able to put together a team of experts in the field of trading, ranging from forex pairs, stock market, crypto, commodity, ETFs respectively, our goal is to be able to feel the garb between the market makers are the retail traders, giving the retail traders more opportunity to take advantage of the firsthand information provided by our professional traders,

 since the company is backed by up to 38 professional traders globally from their respective countries and specializes in trending deference assets professionally, it is very unlikely that our subscribers miss important information/forex signals, and this unique habit puts our organization at the top, we have a track record of providing our users with the best possible service, our customer's service is priorities for customer satisfaction.

Best Management Team

Our management are eger to solve all complains, regardless of what it takes, our utmost priority is to ensure the customers are certified, and also receive the valuable service for their money. All complain are handled within 24 hours,