Five Other Countries With A Crypto Ban

As we initially said in our last article, not all counties agree with the idea of working crypto into their economy. 
On today's train, we would be discussing giving other countries that don't agree and have placed a ban on the currency.

1) Indonesia: banned cryptocurrency as a means of payment on January 1, 2018

2) Nepal: A ban was placed in August 2017 

3) Morocco: placed a ban on trading crypto in 2017, saying and stating that it is an infringement on forex policies and regulations.
4) Vietnam: in Vietnam, it is simply illegal to use, supply, issue it trade, crypto anybody caught wanting would pay a fine of 150million VND to 200million VND 
5) Egypt: last on this list is Egypt, they placed a religious decree in 2018, the decree stated that cryptocurrency is harmful and all transactions of cryptocurrency are unholy.