We all enjoy following, trying to understand, and laughing over the funniest and weirdest of memes on Twitter and Pinterest, yes now imagine that there were cryptocurrencies that served as comic relief. 
Thankfully you don't have to dream further or even overthink it, today I bring to your attention "MEME COIN"
Originating straight from an internet meme and one humourous character, meme coins are usually created to serve as a criticism of the crypto market and every other thing it contains. Some notable meme coins include the dogecoin, coinye, and bitconnect
Meme coins are usually dismissive and compare the value and performance of cryptocurrencies to one another.
The interesting thing here is that some meme coins have gotten and received seats on the capital market.
Our very first insight into meme coins came in 2013, we had a dogecoin that was created as a joke, by 2021 in October about 124 meme coins were created one of them was Shiba Inu. Later again in London, 2021 a coin called Foki inu was created. 
Notably, some countries have taken precautions to control the excesses of meme coins, one of such countries is Thailand, which claimed that meme coins have no purpose or substance, but not all meme coins were created without a purpose, one of such meme coins with a purpose is microcap pawthereum