Who is a broker?

In the financial world, some people play certain roles and serve as intermediaries and bridges between the market and the people. 
A broker is someone that buys and sells goods, shares, or foreign currencies to others. They can also be referred to as marketers, dealers, or agents. Brokers usually get a commission on every job they do. 
Brokers can also appear In the form of a firm. 

Types of Brokers 
1) commodity brokers 
2) Insurance brokers, 3) list brokers 
4). Data brokers 
5) stockbrokers 
6) Forex brokers. 

In forex, a broker Is a company that gives financial services and provides traders with access to platforms for buying and selling foreign currencies. Forex brokers can also be referred to as currency trading brokers. 
Roles of a forex broker 
1)They allow clients to choose, and trade in other currencies without restrictions 
2) they serve as intermediaries between an investor and the security exchange. 
3) they execute and process trades on behalf of their clients 
4) lastly they provide advice and solutions.